Dazll will help your child develop a beautiful smile without braces!

Are you concerned about your child’s teeth?

Dazll is an all-natural non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, pain-free approach to straightening teeth without braces.

Is My Child a Candidate?

Join more than 4,000 parents who have helped their kiddos avoid braces!

What really causes crooked teeth?

You might be surprised! There is a common misconception that crooked teeth are some how hereditary. However, modern research finds that crooked teeth are actually the result of stunted growth and development of the upper and lower jaws. Dazll works to promote the proper growth and development of the upper and lower jaws.

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Avoid the need for braces with a customized Dazll treatment plan for your child.

How Does Dazll Work?

Simple Online Assessment

Let’s get started. Complete a simple online assessment. We will ship the Dazll smile assessment kit overnight. Snap a couple pics, take a few measurements and return your kit. Easy peasy!

Get Started

Meet with your Dazll doctor online.

Meet with your DazllDoc online. We will design a custom treatment plan for your child and ship your Dazll Night Time appliance direct to your home.

Prescription + Customized Treatment Plan

Life with Dazll is easy. Your child will wear the Dazll NiteTime oral appliance while they sleep. The magic happens as growth hormones respond to the natural stimulation created by the Dazll appliance.

Develop the perfect smile with Dazll!

Every child is different—but of course you already know that. Your Dazll Doc will create a custom treatment plan specifically designed to work for your child.

The Dazll NiteTime oral appliance works to promote the proper growth of development of your child’s upper and lower jaws. The best part? Dazll works in your sleep. That’s right. Your child will simply wear the Dazll NiteTime while they sleep. Over the course of treatment their jaws will grow and develop creating the perfect smile—all without expensive and uncomfortable braces.

Affordable payment plans to meet any budget.

Pay As You Grow

$499 Down payment then 24 monthly payments of $99. Complete treatment cost $2,875

Save As You Grow

$499 down payment then 4 additional payments of $499 per month. Complete treatment cost $2,495. You save $380

Pay Now. Grow Later.

The pay now, grow later plan is one payment of $2,295. You save $580.00 when you pay now.

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